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A deck of cards to make today feel a little different.

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Shake Ups Cards

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How do I play?
Each card in the Shake Ups deck has a simple but specific prompt. The prompts are prescriptive enough to give you a clear path but generate unique experiences for each play. Try a few to get sense of what the prompts are like.

Pick a card when you’re alone, pull a few when you’re with friends, or use them to get to know someone else better.
What kind of mood will I be in after I play?
Shake Ups cards are divided up into two main categories: breezy and rooted. The breezy cards are just what they sound like—warm ups that, at their best, feel like little moments of joy. Rooted cards, by nature, have a bit more depth and substance to them. They’re contemplative, gently encouraging you to open up, to reveal some of yourself to those around you (and yourself).
What inspired Shake Ups?
The idea for Shake Ups was born from the feeling of being in a funk. If you’ve ever gone on a run to tune out the world, watched a sad movie for an excuse to cry, or taken up a bread-making hobby to throw your energy into something “productive,” (hey, there’s no shame in that), you know what we mean. All three of us have hobbies and vices to turn to, but too often those feel like solitary activities. We wanted a way for us to get out of our heads, together.
Who are you?
Just three people, wanting to make the world a little brighter. Say hi with an email to heyshakeups@gmail.com
Can I suggest a prompt?
Sure can! Email us at heyshakeups@gmail.com

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